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    The Thermacell LIV Installed Repellent System

    • The Thermacell LIV Installed System provides highly effective, on demand mosquito protection, customizable for large or small spaces.
    • Thermacell can be used alone or as an additional IPM layer of protection for residential or commercial properties.

    • Easy to service: Electronic dashboard monitors systems and provides service alerts

    • Environmentally friendly, targeted application doesn’t harm people, pets or the environment

    • Repels tough mosquitoes, including those that may transmit Encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus.

    How It Works

    • Creates a built-in, large area of mosquito protection customizable for any outdoor space.

    • Highly effective and fast acting against mosquitoes. The advanced 5.5% metofluthrin formula provides consistent and powerful mosquito defense. 

    • Systems run on low voltage electricity.  Refills last up to 180 hours and can be replaced in minutes.

    • An electronic smart hub activated repellers to emit repellent and establish a zone of protection in minutes.  Each repeller provides a 20 ft zone of protection. 

    • One-time installation takes 30-60 minutes. Durable, all-season product components are waterproof and weatherproof. 

    • The LIV system can be controlled from anywhere using the LIV+ app. Smart features are programmable to set timers, on/off schedules and check repellent refill levels. 


    Highly Effective Protection

    Provide your customers a best-in-class innovation that is highly effective against mosquitoes.



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    Incremental Revenue

    Improve customer satisfaction & retention, drive increased revenue per customer, and acquire new customers.





    Easy Installation & Low Service

    Intuitive installation in under 30 minutes and low labor costs and requirements for servicing.



    On-demand, on your phone

    Customers can control their whole system with the LIV+ app.

    Set a schedule, get low repellent alerts, shut-off automatically and more. An you can connect to Alexa or Google Home for voice control. Talk about smart.


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    Five Step install in under 30 minutes

    1. Plan layout and select mounting hardware based on homeowner preferences
    2. Mount the Hub near an outlet. Plug and play - no electrical work needed!
    3. Lay out repellers, connect hardware and cables
    4. Download LIV+ app to connect system to WiFi
    5. Insert Refills
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